Does your company ever need to ramp up on new technologies quickly?

Rebus Technologies can provide experienced consultants, with a variety of technical expertise, to help you at any level in the software development process.

  • We have project managers available to help you start up a new project.
  • We have turn-around specialist that can help you get an existing project back on track.
  • We have stable core of talented and experienced software developers that help produce your application quickly, or mentor your existing team members.

Staff Augmentation
Does your company ever find itself short of qualified IT talent?

Rebus Technologies staff augmentation services provide trained and skilled personnel to work with your employees to help you develop, maintain, and test your applications. In addition, we can provide entry level technical expertise to be trained in your process. These staff augmentation resources can work as independent consultants temporarily augmenting your current staff, or they can be hired directly by you to be a permanent resource to your team.