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Rebus Technologies is a full service IT and business consulting firm. We offer custom tailored solutions to your IT needs. At our core, we are software developers using a variety of technologies. In addition, we have extensive experience in system maintenance and support.

Our developers possess a core skill set that is focused on the Microsoft .Net technologies. We have being using ASP.Net since its inception and can bring our experience to you project. We are experienced with all aspects of Microsoft .Net development from small desktop applications, to enterprise solutions using ASP.Net.

We are skilled in interfacing with a variety of back-end database products. We have over a decade of experience working with Oracle and SQL Server. In addition, we use MySql in many large and small projects.

Recently, we have brought our years of technical experience to bear on the new smart phone technologies. Our developers have been working with Android phones since their inception. We have developed a number of free applications which are available in the App Marketplace. In addition, we have experience leveraging smart phone technology to support proprietary business processes.

Recently, Rebus Technologies completed a site for a We Buy Houses company, Double K Property Management.  In addition, we have been working with an expert in vintage star wars toys.